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We are always bringing in new items for our customers. We take pride in providing the best kitchen supplies you can find and products that are perfect for gifting.

This is an image of Geometry House Towels hung at our entry way. We have a rotating variety of towels.

Rotating variety of Geometry House tea towels, bar towels, Not Paper Towels, and dishcloths

Gift items for the chef!

This is an image of
This is an image with cleaning and laundry supplies. The brands we carry are Clean Slate,

Non Toxic cleaning and laundry options from brands like Clean Slate, Koala Eco, Hey Sunday and Clean It!

Local treats and goodies from brands like Spokandy, Jonboy Caramels, Coblentz, Cranberry Sweets, and We Do Fudge!

This is an image of truffles from Spokandy, a chocolate company from Spokane Washington.
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